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FIFA 16 Anecdotal Evidence

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  Quota jamesbonds Quota  RispondiRispondi Link diretto a questo post Topic: FIFA 16 Anecdotal Evidence
    Postato: 23-Novembre-2015 alle 02:12
I guess it's not easy to convince people on anecdotal evidence, and that's all there's ever gonna be when it comes to issues such as scripting, but consider this: If you're the type to spend hours and hours playing/earning coins/opening gold packs to get better, you're a guaranteed sale. EA have no need to convince you to play the game or purchase their Fifa points. 

However, if you're new to the series, doesn't it make sense for them to give you a subtle helping hand? That way, you don't get demolished by everyone who's half-decent, and you'll be more likely to buy fifa coins and spending money. By catering to the lowest common denominator, they not only sell more games, but they keep the new crowd interested in their game and increase the likelihood of convincing the, for lack of a better word, "newbies" to get involved in their micro transactions.

When you think about how insane the profit margins are on the virtual goods they sell, EA would be pretty f**king foolish to not implement some form of handicap to keep new players interested and buying packs.

It honestly seems like that... I am playing fifa with a buddy of mine since fifa 13 and we are both okay division 1 players in ultimate team. In fifa 15 another friend of ours got newly into the game. We both played coop-seasons with him and nearly won every game till we even won division 1 even though that new friend played like sh*t...

I have no doubt there's something in there. I have a friend who I literally whoop 10 times out of 10 on kickoff. Don't even remember the last time he's beaten me with cheap fifa coins. But whenever we play a FUT friendly against each other it's so much closer. I probably lose 1 out of 3 and my keeper consistently has shockers
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